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Identify the biases and blind spots in your text

In a world full of choices, our brain helps us by making lots of decisions on autopilot. Practical, for sure. But what if these ‘short cuts’ can lead to the wrong decisions? That’s when we speak of biases and blind spots. They can influence your view or make you miss information.

The &samhoud Bias Checker is a simple AI-powered tool that helps you uncover the hidden biases in everything you write or read. From your latest speech or memo to information on your company's website. What are your blind spots? Which biases slipped into your text? Being aware helps you attain more diversity of thought - a crucial driver for more success.

Please note that this is still the beta version. We look forward to improving the Bias Checker together.

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Identifying the biases and blind spots in your text


No one can or should be 100% free of biases. But now that you're aware of the biases and blind spots, you can adjust your text accordingly.

Note: this is a beta product. Results are generated by AI and might not be fully accurate. Please help us to improve this product by giving us your feedback.

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